Make Halloween less scary for your children’s teeth

If you’re dreading Halloween because you know how much sugar is likely to enter your child’s system, you have good reason. Statistics show that we spend almost $9 billion on candy every year, and the month of October is probably responsible for a big percentage of that amount. Not only does all the Halloween candy […]

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Crown lengthening

Discover the advantages of crown lengthening

If you’re familiar with the expression, “long in the tooth,” you might also be aware that when used to describe someone’s appearance, it usually means the person is looking quite old. But crown lengthening can change your appearance for the better. Here’s how: A gum lift can make you “long in the crown,” and that’s […]

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cavity-fighting toothpaste

Toothpaste is making headlines. Here’s what you should know

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently banned what it judges to be a harmful ingredient in many toothpaste formulations, and it’s the same one that has also been barred from antibacterial hand soaps. So what’s it doing in toothpaste in the first place? We want to pass on this important information and make […]

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root canal treatment

The future (and present) of root canal treatment

Don’t cancel your appointment yet, but a new treatment under development may eventually eliminate the need for root canal procedures. The technology, regenerative dental fillings, allows teeth to heal themselves, eliminating the need for traditional treatment. And scientists expect it to someday shift the entire dental treatment paradigm. How it works Regenerative tooth fillings work […]

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pediatric dentistry

Seven tips for back-to-school dental health

The beginning of another new school year is already here for some, and almost here for most, and it can represent a huge change in most family’s daily routines. More leisurely weekday mornings will be replaced with days packed full, from the moment your kids open their eyes in the morning until they close them […]

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TMJ disorder

Are your dental problems in your jaw?

Most of us don’t realize that improper alignment of the jaw and the effect that can have on surrounding muscles can be the source of mouth and teeth pain, as well as certain serious disorders, such as temporomandibular joint (TMJ). Your dentist can help Jaw misalignment – and how it negatively affects the jaw muscles […]

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cosmetic dentistry

We can put your mouth back together again

Some patients come to us after years of neglecting their oral health. It can take courage to visit the dentist with missing, decayed and painful teeth, not knowing how much work might need to be done to put your mouth back together – or if it’s even possible. There can be many reasons that a […]

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dental implants

Dental Implants – Tooth Replacement Story

The story of a problem tooth might include working hard to keep it — replacement fillings, a crown, a root canal – but after several treatments over many years, it’s just not going to survive. That’s when it’s time to hear the story of dental implants. Tooth replacement takes two pieces to create the whole […]

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