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The Seven Things Your Dentist Wishes You Wouldn’t Eat

Next time you’re getting a cavity filled, your mind might wander to ways you can avoid the treatment in the future, including changing your diet. Here’s what your dentist has to say about that. For healthier teeth and cavity prevention, beware these seven items 1.) Citrus juice and fruits The citric acid in oranges, grapefruit, […]

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These five common items could be hurting your teeth

Some dental “don’s” are obvious – don’t skip brushing, don’t skip flossing, don’t skip your regular dental exams. But there are some things we put between our teeth and in our mouths that can cause a lot of damage over time. Here are some items that need to stay out of your mouth altogether if […]

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Brushing 50% of the time is 100% percent not ok

Bacteria is everywhere, some of it bad and some of it good. But when it comes to the kind of bacteria that thrives on food that’s on and between your teeth after you eat, that’s definitely the bad kind. And it multiplies really fast. So if you’re one of the many Americans who admit that […]

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We actually hope you haven’t heard this news about dental health

Dental health professionals, including the American Dental Association (ADA) are pretty much in solidarity when it comes to these four rules for maintaining good oral health: 1.Brush your teeth twice a day for two minutes 2.Use fluoride toothpaste 3.Clean between teeth once a day with an interdental cleaner 4.Regular dental visits for professional cleanings and […]

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dry mouth

Don’t ignore dry mouth, fight it

It’s not unusual for your mouth to feel dry and cottony occasionally. But if you start to notice that your mouth feels dry all the time, or if you’re having trouble chewing, swallowing or even talking, you could have an actual condition called “dry mouth,” or xerostomia. Dry mouth is actually a common problem, but […]

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Oh, the Things We Do to Our Poor Teeth

Our teeth our tougher than a copperhead in the West Virginia woods. The toughness of our teeth actually creates a problem, however, because we take them for granted. We don’t ever worry about our teeth not being there for us, so we torture them with all sorts of bad behavior. Here’s a list of bad […]

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Make Halloween less scary for your children’s teeth

If you’re dreading Halloween because you know how much sugar is likely to enter your child’s system, you have good reason. Statistics show that we spend almost $9 billion on candy every year, and the month of October is probably responsible for a big percentage of that amount. Not only does all the Halloween candy […]

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Toothpaste is making headlines. Here’s what you should know

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently banned what it judges to be a harmful ingredient in many toothpaste formulations, and it’s the same one that has also been barred from antibacterial hand soaps. So what’s it doing in toothpaste in the first place? We want to pass on this important information and make […]

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sensitive teeth

Don’t suffer with sensitive teeth

Nothing can be more satisfying than that first sip of hot coffee in the morning or gulping down cold water after a workout – unless you have sensitive teeth. People with the condition find themselves wincing over some of life’s most enjoyable – and important – activities, from eating ice cream to flossing. If you […]

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