About Our Office

Providing Dentistry to Martinsburg & Hedgesville, WV

Martinsburg WV Dentist

Our office building has quite a history.

According to local historians, our building was constructed in the late 1600 to early 1700’s. Originally a log cabin built with chestnut logs the Office building was used as a tavern. Apparently, travelers on their way to the healing waters of Berkeley Springs, known then as the Town of Bath, would stop here for refreshment and rest. One can still see the old log structure because Dr. Barney has kept some of the inner original walls uncovered so the beauty and history of the past won’t be forgotten. Our building is the oldest building in West Virginia that was built for commercial use and is still in commercial use. Of course, when it was built it was in the state of Virginia but due to the Civil War our area was included in the new state of West Virginia.

Don’t let the antiquity of the building fool you. One of our patients’ commented that a visit to our Hedgesville office is like stepping into the past to experience a bit of history – until you go into the treatment areas. Then it’s like walking on to the “Star Wars” set, complete with lasers, digital cameras, computers, and hi-tech tools of all kinds.

Dr. Barney and our team are proud of our office, and we take care to ensure that he’ll preside over the corner in Hedgesville for generations to come.

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