Your baby’s healthy teeth start with you

pediatric dentistryWe like to remind our future mom’s of something that more and more research is proving: your baby’s dental health is directly affected by yours. It might sound like common sense, given that we all know how important a mother’s overall health is to her unborn baby. But recent studies have also revealed that germs from a mother’s mouth are passed on to her baby after birth.

Your dental care matters before, during and after pregnancy

Parents need to establish good care habits for their children from the very beginning. You already know that your dental health is important, and now you know it’s equally important to your baby. In fact, statistics show that mothers with poor oral health are at risk for premature and underweight births.

Add a dental check to your pre-natal appointments

Your regular trip to the dentist to check your oral health shouldn’t be skipped in favor of your many other medical exams while pregnant. Get check-ups before, during and after pregnancy so your dentist can identify any cavities or other problems that could be bad for you or your baby.

At six months old, it’s your baby’s turn

Your baby should make his or her first trip to the dentist at six months and no later than a year — followed by appointments every six months, just like you! Call for that first appointment today: (304) 754-8803.

Home care matters too

You should use a soft cloth to clean your baby’s gums, even before the first tooth pops through. When the first teeth appear at about six months, you can continue wiping teeth and gums with a soft cloth or start using a child-size soft bristle toothbrush, before and after meals and before bed. This will remove plaque and bacteria to help protect baby teeth and future permanent teeth. You should avoid fluoride toothpaste until your child is old enough to spit it out, around three or four.

Start establishing the “twice daily” habit

We know it’s not easy, but child should be “helped” to brush teeth twice a day, until you’re sure they can do it themselves, around seven or eight.



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