We can put your mouth back together again

cosmetic dentistrySome patients come to us after years of neglecting their oral health. It can take courage to visit the dentist with missing, decayed and painful teeth, not knowing how much work might need to be done to put your mouth back together – or if it’s even possible.

There can be many reasons that a person’s oral health can deteriorate, including:

  • Poor health
  • Lack of dental care
  • Lack of good home care
  • Mouth or tooth trauma
  • Gum diseases

But we can do to help repair your teeth, gums and your smile.

Full mouth reconstruction

We can replace or repair some or all of your teeth, repair your jaw if necessary, and give you back normal speech and chewing – and a smile you can be proud to show. Full mouth reconstruction is a term used to describe oral surgery, laser surgery and various cosmetic dentistry procedures that are needed due to poor oral health and care or trauma. Your treatment plan will depend on your individual needs, and may include:

Porcelain veneers

These thin coverings can transform damaged or discolored teeth and make them appear bright and ideally shaped.

Dental implants

A titanium screw surgically implanted in the jaw, capped with a dental crown, creates a permanent, natural solution for missing or severely damaged teeth.

Jaw repositioning

For patients suffering with painful symptoms from, for example TMJ, we use a device to relax the jaw into a more comfortable position.

Full mouth reconstruction is not the same as a cosmetic ‘Smile Makeover’

Missing or broken teeth, jaw pain and gum issues due to poor oral health or trauma require specialized attention, beyond the cosmetic improvements that can be achieved. These serious oral problems can make normal daily activities such as eating and talking quite difficult, if not impossible. Full mouth reconstruction procedures also provide cosmetic benefits, but the outcome is designed to improve your physical, oral and psychological health.

It’s (almost) never too late to see your dentist

No matter the condition of your mouth, there are procedures that can make a difference. Call for your appointment today: 304-754-8803.





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