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TMJ Pain Hedgesville, WV

Using Night Guards for the Treatment of Bruxism

Patients who have been diagnosed with bruxism and live in the area of Hedgesville, WV are welcome to ask Dr. Kenneth Barney about the advantages of using night guards to protect the smile. Custom-made appliances such as these are readily available in his practice for patients to consider for better oral health and wellness. What […]

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TMJ Pain Hedgesville WV

Bruxism, TMJ, and Pain

Frequent or chronic pain of any sort is a frustrating problem to have. When that pain localizes in the face and head area, it may take some time to reach an accurate conclusion about the cause. Often, resolution of the problem at hand cannot be reached until a proper diagnosis has been made. The lack […]

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Protect Those Pearly Whites from Bruxism

If you wake up in the morning with a headache or pain in your jaw, you might suffer from bruxism, or teeth grinding. Whether this grinding is conscious or subconscious doesn’t matter. Even if you’re not choosing to do it, even if you can’t remember it, bruxism will destroy your teeth. While it’s hard to […]

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Getting Down to the Nitty Gritty of Bruxism

Teeth grinding can be a serious problem. At the very least, it can be an uncomfortable and loud condition, akin to snoring, that keeps you and your loved ones up at night. But it is becomes a serious and long-lasting condition, bruxism (the official name for teeth grinding or extreme jaw clenching) can lead to […]

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The Case of the Roommate’s Bruxism

During her freshman year of college, Julie was often bother by the strange sounds coming from her roommate, Kathy, while she slept. In her sleep, Kathy made a strange grinding noise with her teeth. After Julie finally approached her about the problem, she decided to see Dr. Kenneth Barney. Dr. Barney diagnosed Kathy with bruxism, […]

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