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Neuromuscular Dentistry

A Look at a Different Kind of Denture

People have been replacing missing teeth with dentures for over a hundred years. We can understand the attraction that exists toward dentures. This treatment is affordable and convenient. That is, as long as a desirable outcome is achieved. Because dentures sit on the ridge of the gums, it is crucial that these fixtures fit well. […]

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The Advantages of Implants over Dentures?

Whether you have one, two or all of your teeth missing, you need to have them replaced. Dental implants and removable dentures are the most common treatment options. A long time ago, dentures would have been the only option, but now we have the capability to replace your missing teeth with implants. These give you […]

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Neuromuscular Dentures – Are They Useful?

The teeth are important, obviously, for eating. But they’re also important for your appearance, your self-esteem. Tooth loss, whether from poor oral hygiene, breakage, or issues with aging, creates problems. Dentures are a popular option, especially for replacing many missing teeth. They are false teeth that allow you to chew food without issue, and regain […]

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