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Is your Jaw Sending Distress Signals? | Ken Barney DDS | Hedgesville, WV

Is your Jaw Sending Distress Signals?

The term TMJ disorder, which describes dysfunction in the temporomandibular joints and adjoining structures, has become more recognized in recent years. You may have heard of this condition, but that doesn’t mean you would immediately spot the indicators of it in your life. Here, we want to point out some of the ways that a […]

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TMJ disorder

Are your dental problems in your jaw?

Most of us don’t realize that improper alignment of the jaw and the effect that can have on surrounding muscles can be the source of mouth and teeth pain, as well as certain serious disorders, such as temporomandibular joint (TMJ). Your dentist can help Jaw misalignment – and how it negatively affects the jaw muscles […]

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A cracking, clicking jaw can be annoying, but…

At one time or another, all of us experience aches and pains, popping and cracking noises and other discomforts – some as a normal part of life, some as signs of a more serious problem. TMJ (temporalmandibular joint disorder) can be both. You might not even realize that there are specialized joints in the jaw […]

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