Why Choose Dr. Kenneth Barney

Dr. Kenneth BarneyMartinsburg & Hedgesville WV Dentist is a renowned family dentist. He has gained a strong reputation for being a quality dentist in the Hedgesville and Martinsburg WV area. Patients from all around travel to Dr. Barney’s office to take care of their dental needs.

At our office, we offer friendly and personalized service. We treat each patient individually and provide affordable care. We offer convenient hours and locations to help reach more patients.

Quick solutions don’t always resolve chronic oral health problems. That is why we provide comprehensive solutions. We offer customized treatment plans designed by our qualified dentists. Our practice accepts many insurance plans and offers price guarantees. Dr. Barney doesn’t want cost to stop you from good oral health. He offers low prices and exciting promotional offers that include free new-patient x-rays and exams. He also offers senior discounts. When you choose our dental treatments, our supportive staff and dentists will go the extra mile to provide you comfortable and proper dental treatment. Our office is open late, including evenings and selective weekends, so that your can see our dentist at a time best suiting to you. We welcome both emergency and walk-in patients.

Our Featured Services

Our feature services include:

  • General dentistry
  • Neuromuscular dentistry
  • Laser dentistry
  • Dental implants
  • Sleep apnea and snoring therapy

We provide general dentistry services using the latest technologies. You can come in for general cleanings, checkups, crowns, root canals, and much more. At our clinic, we offer the best in neuromuscular dentistry to align the jaw. We provide a holistic approach, and our treatments involve treating your head, neck and jaw as a unit. Our jaw treatment can rectify your painful jaw symptoms, overbites and temporomandibular joint disorder. We provide different options for your neuromuscular treatment that include cosmetic surgery, electric nerve stimulation, lifestyle changes, and exercises.

We also provide laser treatments for conditions that include teeth whitening, gum disease, gum contouring, canker sore treatment, frenectomies, and crown lightning. Our dental implants will replace your damaged or missing teeth. These implants act as normal teeth and can aid in chewing and talking. We are certified to treat snoring and sleep apnea problems. We provide the treatment based on your medical conditions, treatments and lifestyles.

Benefits of Our Dental Treatments

At our office, we try to make sure you experience minimal, or no pain. Our procedures ensure quicker healing times. We provide comprehensive procedures for the best results.

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