Dental Emergencies and How to Handle Them

Dental Emergency Care - Martinsburg & Hedgesville WV DentistEmergencies with your teeth are fairly uncommon. However, the fact that they are uncommon means that many people are not sure what to do in such an emergency. As with any emergency, the first thing to remember is to always stay calm and remain safe. Keeping a cool head and observing proper safety methods can prevent the problem from getting worse. Here are a couple of common dental emergencies you might encounter and how to handle them.

You got something stuck in between your teeth. This is most common in the molars since they are tasked with grinding food. Often the culprit will be a harder food object, like part of a seed or piece of a tough vegetable. Most times, you can fish out these objects with a toothpick, floss, or similar implement. It may even come out when brushing your teeth. Don’t use anything sharp as you run the risk of slipping and damaging your tooth or puncturing your gums! If you are unable to remove the object, contact your dentist.

You have pain in or around your teeth. This can sometimes be a sign of a serious problem like infection but can also be due to something as innocuous as eating tough foods. Over the counter pain medications should remedy the issue, but if the pain persists you should make an appointment with your dentist to rule out infection. Another reason your tooth might be in pain could be due to the loss of a crown or filling. In the event that this happens, try to save any pieces of the filling or crown that you can. Make an appointment with your dentist to get the filling or crown replaced.

You incur damage to your teeth. This can include chipping, breaking, or even fully losing a tooth. These types of events can often involve a significant amount of trauma. Be sure to remain safe in these types of situations, as you do not want to sustain additional or more severe injuries. If you can safely do so, gather any teeth or tooth fragments that have been dislodged from your mouth. Once in hand, wash the extricated teeth and either try to put them into the original gum tissue or, if handy, into some milk. Call your dentist right away as they may be able to restore the lost tooth, if done within a few hours of the incident.

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