Dental Implants – Tooth Replacement Story

dental implants martinsburg wv The story of a problem tooth might include working hard to keep it — replacement fillings, a crown, a root canal – but after several treatments over many years, it’s just not going to survive. That’s when it’s time to hear the story of dental implants.

Tooth replacement takes two pieces to create the whole

The first step in getting your new tooth (after removing the failed tooth) is the surgical placement of a titanium post or screw in the same area of your jaw (upper or lower) where you’re missing a tooth. That’s the implant stage, but you don’t have a complete replacement tooth – yet.

The implanted post serves as a new tooth root of sorts, and functions as the anchor for your replacement tooth. It is able to take on this important role because your own bone is going to actually grow around the post to securely hold it in place. The process is called “osseointegration,” and it’s key to the process.

Tooth replacement, part two

You will likely need to wait several months through the osseointegration and healing period before you can move ahead to the second part of the procedure.

Crowing your treatment

A dental crow, which most patients are familiar with, is attached to the implanted post to complete the process.

Life with your new tooth

While your implant is made of artificial materials, it’s designed to look exactly like a real tooth, blending in and functioning normally with your natural teeth.

A proven long-term tooth replacement solution

Implants have about a 90% success rate, and they can last a lifetime if it’s well cared for. That means brushing and flossing all around it, just as you clean the rest of your teeth.

Some people (and you’d never know it) have multiple tooth implants

In fact, men and women off all ages have dental implants that not only give them back their smile, but can also restore natural eating and talking.

You can, too

Discover if an implant can provide a long-term solution for your missing tooth. Call today: (304) 754-8803.

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