Are your dental problems in your jaw?

TMJ disorderMost of us don’t realize that improper alignment of the jaw and the effect that can have on surrounding muscles can be the source of mouth and teeth pain, as well as certain serious disorders, such as temporomandibular joint (TMJ).

Your dentist can help

Jaw misalignment – and how it negatively affects the jaw muscles — is a condition that calls for the specialized treatments considered “neuromuscular dentistry,” which can:

  • Correct jaw alignment
  • Relax the surrounding jaw muscles
  • Relieve symptoms of TMJ

Treatment methods involve the jaw, neck and head alignment, and how that relates to the proper function of your teeth. Once your dentist identifies the problem area (or areas), a treatment plan can be created, designed to correctly align the jaw.

Neuromuscular dentistry treats your teeth, jaw, head and neck as one

Your dentist will create a customized plan to address your specific issues by considering the connected nerves, joints and muscles to

  • Correct an overbite
  • Reduce or eliminate pain in teeth and jaw
  • Correct jaw disorders

Chronic teeth pain and/or jaw pain and stiffness shouldn’t be ignored

Patients often come to us after living with everything from chronic, unexplained headaches to neck and shoulder pain. And they usually have no idea that this pain can be caused by jaw misalignment – or that there is treatment that can reduce or put an end to their symptoms.

It could be TMJ

With some simple tests, your dentist can properly diagnose the cause of your jaw and teeth pain, and may discover you have TMJ. The disorder could be causing you to experience stiffness in the jaw when you talk, chew or open your mouth wide. You may also hear your jaw cracking and even ringing in your ears. These kinds of symptoms can be alarming to patients, and may cause them to think they have other, more serious health problems. A diagnosis of TMJ can actually be a relief.

Don’t live with painful, worrisome symptoms                                                           

Make an appointment with Dr. Barney to discuss your concerns and get your questions answered. His neuromuscular dentistry expertise and treatments can help ease your pain and your mind. Call today: 304-754-8803.






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