Discover a way to be happy about your missing tooth

Dental ImplantIt’s an exciting day when a child looses that first tooth. And what’s more adorable than a little kid’s gap-toothed grin! But if you’re missing one or more teeth as an adult, you’re probably not happy about it. Whether you were born that way, or lost one or more teeth due to decay, injury, gum disease or infection, there’s something you can do to put a smile back on your face.

The Dental Implant — a fake tooth that’s anything but
You may have heard about them, and you may also have seen people who have them and not even realized it. Dental implants are the closest thing you can get to your own natural teeth, and they help people smile, laugh, talk and eat as if they are.

Replace your missing tooth, change your life
Maybe your missing tooth is causing you pain – physical and emotional. Or you’re dental bridge or crown needs to be replaced – again. Maybe your dentures are slipping and clicking – affecting what you eat and your quality of life. Dental implants can offer a more permanent long-term solution that can help you enjoy your normal activities — without worrying about your teeth (or lack of).

The closest thing to a natural tooth starts as a titanium screw
A dental implant is placed right in your jawbone and actually fuses with your bone. By the time your custom-made and matched crown is placed over the metal post, it has become a sturdy foundation for support your new tooth.

Teeth replaced with dental implants look, feel and function just like real teeth, but can’t decay like natural teeth. But you still must take extra good care of them by brushing flossing and visiting your dentist regularly.

If you have missing teeth, or if you are facing that eventuality with a tooth that can no longer be saved with other dental treatments, dental implants you should learn about dental implants. Dr. Barney can tell you everything you need to know and whether or not you are a good candidate for the procedure. So call for a consult today: (304) 754-8803

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