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Crown Lengthening | Hedgesville WVIf you’re familiar with the expression, “long in the tooth,” you might also be aware that when used to describe someone’s appearance, it usually means the person is looking quite old. But crown lengthening can change your appearance for the better. Here’s how:

A gum lift can make you “long in the crown,” and that’s a good thing
A smile that shows too much of the gums or teeth that are too small can both be improved with crown lengthening. This cosmetic dentistry procedure can improve your smile by revealing more of your teeth. Crown lengthening actually uses oral surgery to remove excess gum tissue (and sometimes bone) around upper teeth to make them look longer.

Crown lengthening can be performed:

  • To improve an uneven gum line
  • To “sculpt” the gum line and create a more symmetrical smile
  • For dental care (for decay or fractures under the gums, it can expose more tooth in order to support a filling or crown)
  • For medical reasons
  • For cosmetic effect

Advantages of crown lengthening
In about 30 minutes, a crown lengthening can give you a wider, more symmetrical smile, and there’s no need for a second procedure of touch-ups later in life. In addition, the procedure can provide dental care benefits, such as reducing the risk of tooth decay. The more tooth structure that is exposed for brushing and flossing, the better your oral health.

Five reasons crown lengthening could be right for you
Patients who come to us about problems related to their gum lines all have their own reasons for seeking a solution. You may have one or more of these issues that could make the procedure the right choice:

  1. You’ve always been self-conscious when you smile because it shows so much gum
  2. You don’t have really wide teeth that could end up looking too big after the procedure
  3. You have a history of excessive tooth decay
  4. You have too much gum or uneven gums
  5. You want to transform your smile and balance your tooth/gum ratio

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