Don’t Leave These Oral Care Tips by the Roadside!

Don’t Leave These Oral Care Tips by the Roadside! | Ken Barney DDS | Hedgesville, WVOn the road again! This phrase describes what many people do as soon as the summertime weather becomes a daily thing; they get out of town. Who doesn’t love the idea of a fun-filled summer vacation? We often begin thinking about where we could go and whom we might see once we can break free for a few days or weeks. Whether you are hopping a flight across the Atlantic or hitting the open highway, there are habits that you want to take with you. With a little planning, you can maintain a healthy smile – and fresh breath – while away from home.

Oral Care Tips

  1. Keep it watered. When we leave town, we often do what needs to be done to make sure our grass and plants get watered in our absence. Your mouth needs watering, too! Fortunately, you have this with you at all times. All you need now is to also have a bottle of water nearby at all times. Studies suggest that a few sips of water every few minutes is a great way to hydrate the cells without overloading the kidneys (or the bladder). This habit is also healthy for the mouth, as it is a continual disruption to bacteria and their plaque-building activities.
  2. Polish your teeth on the road. You may have seen a person or two brushing their teeth while they drive down the road. This is not what we’re suggesting, although it may work in an emergency dirty-mouth situation! Polishing your teeth is as simple as packing fresh fruits and vegetables for a day trip or long road trip – even a plan trip! Foods that pack a polishing punch include apples, radishes, celery, and pears.
  3. Give yourself the chance to freshen up. Any adult can relate to the frustration of that dirty-mouth sensation. The one where a film seems to have overtaken the tongue and the teeth. Some describe it as “fuzziness.” Many describe it as, simply, “yuck.” Dirty mouth can be prevented with healthy snacks and plenty of water. Should this annoying condition strike, be ready. Pack the car or your carry-on with some mouthwash, floss, and a toothbrush. You’ll be glad you did!

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