Find Out How Dental Crowns & Bridges Can Improve Your Smile

Dental Crowns & Bridges Hedgesville, WVAt the practice of Dr. Kenneth Barney, patients have a variety of ways in which they can restore their natural smile. When tooth loss occurs, or teeth have been damaged, it is the goal of a restorative dentist in the Hedgesville, WV area to offer a natural-looking and effective repair. Dental crowns and bridges are two restorative treatments commonly performed in his practice for improving function, appearance, and strength of the smile as a whole.

Dental crowns

Patients with damage to their natural teeth such as chips or cracks will want to consider the advantages of placing dental crowns. These restorations are made of high quality ceramic and fabricated to match the patient’s existing smile for seamless integration. The crown acts as a “dental cap” that covers all visible areas of the tooth by bonding over the top. There are preparations that are needed before placing dental crowns, including the removal of a substantial portion of enamel around the tooth’s structure.

Dental bridges

For patients who are missing one or more teeth in a row, dental bridges can play a role in effective restoration. Dental bridges are fabricated from porcelain and include false teeth fused to dental crowns on each side. The adjacent teeth are used to support the restoration and allow the false teeth to slide in where the old tooth once resided. Dental bridges are a popular option for patients who are seeking a restoration that is more permanently placed than a traditional partial denture but more affordable than the placement of a dental implant.

Who is a candidate for crowns and bridges?

Any patient who is faced with the need for a restoration to repair a natural tooth or replace a missing one may be able to enjoy the benefits of dental crowns and bridges. An evaluation with Dr. Kenneth Barney is the first step in deciding if these are the right solutions for you!

Seeking restorative services from Dr. Kenneth Barney?

Call his practice today by calling (304) 754-8803 to schedule an appointment at 101 North Mary Street in Hedgesville, WV. He welcomes new patients into his facility for comprehensive dental solutions for the smile.

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