The future (and present) of root canal treatment

root canal treatment | hedgesville wvDon’t cancel your appointment yet, but a new treatment under development may eventually eliminate the need for root canal procedures. The technology, regenerative dental fillings, allows teeth to heal themselves, eliminating the need for traditional treatment. And scientists expect it to someday shift the entire dental treatment paradigm.

How it works
Regenerative tooth fillings work by stimulation your own stem cells to grow dentin. That’s the bony material that teeth are mostly made of. This could allow you to regrow teeth that have been damaged due to decay or other dental diseases.

Therapeutic biomaterial could bring regenerative medicine to dentistry
This new treatment technology could change the way your dentists treats cavities and root canals in the future, placing material that will stimulate tooth repair and regeneration instead of drilling out sections and filling them.

The future isn’t quite here yet
There’s no date established yet for when regenerative material show up at your dentist’s office. But today’s root canal procedures are still the standard for care when a tooth has become severely damaged by cavities or infections.

Getting rid of what is ailing your tooth
A root canal removes:

  • The nerve inside the tooth, usually causing pain
  • The pulp inside the tooth
  • The inside of the tooth is then cleaned and sealed.

Root canals solve problems when fillings no longer can
The decision to remove the nerve is only made when the tooth is badly infected and other standard procedures can’t help.

An infected tooth can cause:

  • Pain and/or sensitivity, especially to hot and cold
  • Fever
  • Gum Inflammation near the infected tooth
  • Gum bleeding in one area

A root canal procedures is nothing to fear when handled by an expert
Dr. Barney is experienced treating root canals and with the need for proper numbing in order to minimize any potential discomfort. If you are ultra-sensitive, let us know and we can take extra measures to ensure your comfort.

Don’t ignore symptoms
The sooner you come in and we determine what is troubling your tooth, the easier the treatment is likely to be. Call for an appointment today: (304) 754-8803.

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