Gum Recontouring

What is the Cause of Gum Recession?

Cosmetic troubles may be unnecessary to correct, but problems stemming from gum recession are especially important to deal with. Gum recession occurs from poor oral habits, and a condition called periodontal disease which slowly destroys all the supporting tissues of the teeth, eventually making them fall out. This is why if you notice your gums becoming recessed over time, then it is important to have them checked. Dr. Barney will give you a full oral examination to determine whether you will require, or are qualified for treatment.

What is Gum Recontouring?

Gum recontouring is a procedure that is done when your gums are either too low or too high on your teeth. This cosmetic dentistry procedure is sometimes called Gum Reshaping and it can fix the proportion of your gums and teeth.
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Why Would I Need It?

There are a number of reasons that people have trouble with the length of their gums. These can include:

  • Genetics – Having gums that go too far down on your top teeth, or up on your bottom teeth, makes some people feel inadequate about their appearance.
  • Health problems – Some health issues can cause gum tissue to degrade.
  • Medications – Certain medications can affect your oral health. If there is any outlined risk of this in your medications, it is a good idea to speak with your dentist.
  • Oral Health – Gum disease or periodontal disease can also make gums deteriorate over time, leaving teeth looking unnaturally long.

Traditional Gum Recontouring

Traditional gum recontouring is a surgical procedure. It is performed for either lengthening too short gums due to oral health issues, or to decrease the amount of gum line for cosmetic reasons.
Traditionally, gum recontouring was done with a scalpel, shaving off the tissue bit by bit to expose more teeth, and then placing a crown under the new gumline. Recovery from gum surgery requires a few days rest, along with a liquid or soft food diet for a while, until gums completely heal. Healing time varies depending on the amount of tissue that was removed, but can take days or weeks.

Laser Gum Recontouring

Laser gum recontouring replaces the scalpel with a laser and makes the whole experience a lot easier for both patient and dentist. The laser is used to cut away the excess gum tissue, and can make much more precise lines. It also leads to less bleeding during and after surgery, and less pain.
They also tend to work best for people who have anxiety over dental visits and procedures. There are no loud noises or drilling sounds, and with anesthesia there will be no pain during the recontouring surgery.

Will I need anesthesia during laser therapy?

For certain types of laser therapy this wouldn’t be so, but for proper gum repair it is recommended. This is because you are still having a surgical procedure done, and there still needs to be time to heal from swelling and some bruising underneath.

How Long is Recovery?

Healing time afterwards is drastically decreased. In fact, most people find that after laser surgery they feel fine, and only need one or two days rest at most. Of course Dr. Barney will tell you how long you’ll need to recover, depending on how much work was done, but it will definitely be less time than traditional surgery would require.

What if I need more length to my gums?

If your gums are receding, you can get a procedure called a gum graft. Using tissue from the healthy gums or roof of the mouth, a dentist can add onto your existing healthy gums and build them up or down. If you think you require this type of treatment, making an appointment with Dr. Barney can help determine the best course of treatment fr your situation.

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