How Dr. Kenneth Barney can utilize laser dentistry to provide precision dental care

Laser Dentistry | Hedgesville, WV

At the practice of Dr. Kenneth Barney, patients in the area of Hedgesville, WV are excited to obtain quality care from a technologically advanced practice. Patients in the community who visit our facility are often interested in learning about laser dentistry and other modern methods of treatment available.

What is laser dentistry?

In the medical field, lasers are used in many different ways to perform a variety of procedures for patients. These improvements have carried into laser dentistry, which helps dentists offer precision treatments. This method of using powerful, concentrated laser light beams allows a dentist to address many common concerns, including infections, cavities, cold sores, canker sores, periodontal disease, and gum contouring. With the use of laser dentistry, patients are able to experience more comfort, less bleeding, and faster healing of the smile following common procedures.

What types of dental lasers are available with Dr. Kenneth Barney?

Our practice offers two types of lasers to help patients in treating a myriad of issues. We have a soft-tissue laser which is used to kill bacteria, activate tissue regrowth, and provide effective treatment for conditions such as periodontal disease which can infect the entire smile. Periodontal disease often required dentists to perform invasive procedures such as scaling and root planing to treat, but with the use of laser technology, these treatments are far more comfortable and less invasive than ever before. Our practice also has a hard-tissue laser. This type of laser is used in situations such as the treatment of cavities or the shaping of composite resin bonding. This tissue can also remove natural tooth enamel to prepare the smile for a variety of restorative procedures.

Is laser dentistry safe?

Absolutely! Dr. Kenneth Barney only provides treatments in his practice that are not only safe but effective and affordable. With laser dentistry, precision is key, and patients will love the chance to have treatments performed with the most advanced solutions available on the market today.

Interested in state-of-the-art dental care?

Contact Dr. Kenneth Barney and his team of professionals in Hedgesville, WV to discuss laser dentistry solutions for the smile. The practice is conveniently located at 101 North Mary Street and can be reached by phone to book an appointment at (304) 754-8803.

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