How much time are your teeth worth?

Dental CareAs average life expectancy for Americans edges toward 80 years old, claiming that our teeth are meant to last a lifetime might seem more like wishful thinking. But by giving a little more thought to our oral health, our teeth can indeed serve their purpose throughout our lives. And beyond thinking about our teeth and gums, here are ways we can take important action vital to their longevity, starting now:

Take the time

We all spend time doing things that are important to us. When it comes to our teeth, we only need to find two minutes twice a day to fulfill the recommended time for brushing. To improve the care you give your teeth, consider investing in an electric tooth brush: it does a better job than can be done with a manual toothbrush, plus the built-in timer makes sure each tooth gets equal attention.

Do a better job

So you’ve found four minutes out of your day to brush properly. Now add one more minute each day to floss, and you’re doing what brushing can’t: removing plaque that forms under the gum line. Flossing can help you reduce your chances of having gum disease that can lead to tooth loss – and other health issues.

Swish, swish, spit

Now add another 30 seconds for rinsing with an anti-bacterial mouthwash containing fluoride (we’re up to five and a half minutes a day for valuable dental care), and you can kill more bacteria – the kind that causes bad breath and tooth decay.

Don’t let them eat so much cake

This step can actually save you a little bit of time: eat a tooth-friendlier diet by consuming fewer sugary snacks and drinks. And wait about an hour to brush your teeth after you expose them to anything acidic – like orange juice — as acids in foods can soften enamel more so if you brush immediately.

 See us at least twice a year

This is where your five minutes a day of preventive care can really pay off. Make an appointment today and we can help you grow your investment.

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