Is your smile working for you?

Cosmetic DentistryYour smile has a lot of work to do: it can make a good first impression, it can make you look attractive and it can even make you look younger. Your smile can also do the opposite of all three. That’s why you should discover the benefits of a smile makeover.

There are lots of reasons to have a smile makeover

Our teeth can become discolored and damaged as we age, but these days, we don’t have to live with the signs of teeth aging. Many of our patients come in asking what they can do before a job interview, a wedding, a high school reunion, or a first date.

What have your teeth done for you lately?

When your smile is working at it highest level, studies have shown that it can:

  • Increase your positive behaviors
  • Give you confidence
  • Make you appear more youthful
  • Make you appear more attractive

Here’s how you can make your smile work harder in a hurry:

The concentration of whitening ingredients used in our products is much higher, so professional bleaching is faster and more effective than home bleaching. Here’s what to expect from an office bleaching treatment:

  • We apply a gel to your teeth
  • We activate the bleaching process with a laser
  • The laser safely penetrates your teeth to create a deeper whitening effect
  • The process typically takes about an hour
  • You can leave the office with bright white teeth

Multiple teeth whitening treatments may be necessary and can help you achieve even more impressive results.

Taking your smile to the next level

Talk to us about other ways we can improve your smile and your overall oral health, including:

  • Replacing old fillings
  • Fixing improper bite
  • Straightening crooked teeth
  • Repair cracks or chips

Creating your ideal smile

It starts with a consultation appointment where we will discuss your goals for your teeth and your smile. We will review your treatment options and create a plan that fits your needs.

Schedule a consultation

If you are interested in Cosmetic Dentistry, and would like to see if you are a good candidate, call (304) 754-8803 to schedule a consultation at our office in Hedgesville, WV.



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