It’s A Great Day For Dental Care

Dental Technology hedgesville wv ken barney ddsYou probably don’t spend much time during your day contemplating all the ways that advances in dental technology are affecting your life, but maybe you should. Technology is helping to make treatment easier and better for your dentist – but especially, for you!

Consider this your mini dental dictionary, explaining some of the latest amazing technologies that are (or soon will be) helping you keep your teeth healthy, and making your trip to the dentist more like a trip to the future:

3-D imaging systems

They take high-quality, precise images of your mouth teeth and gums, and with less radiation.

Air abrasion

Instead of using a drill to remove tooth decay, dentists are starting to use gentle, sound-free air abrasion techniques.

Air powered dental tools

Cleaning and polishing your teeth just keeps getting easier, especially with high-tech tools that are powered by air.

Control buttons

A new device called “The Dental Button” allows you to stop your dental treatment whenever you feel uncomfortable.

Reverse numbing

The first and only product of its kind, OraVerse can reverse the post-procedure effects of local anesthesia and lingering numbness.

Laser cavity detection

Experts are telling us that laser cavity detection is 90 percent effective in finding cavities and even potential cavity areas. That means when it comes to your teeth exams, X-rays and probing with instruments may soon be a thing of the past.

Diode lasers

From root canals to teeth whitening, the diode laser is a versatile tool for treating tooth and gum issues.

Digital impression systems

No more gagging and no more mess! These systems are making the business of taking impressions of teeth quicker and easier for both patients and dentists.

Intraoral cameras

These are basically video cameras in a pen, and they’re helping dentists better detect tooth decay and cracked teeth.

Of course, technology is only as good as the skilled, caring professionals who use it to help patients — and we have some of the best of both. We’d love to show you what’s new at Dr. Barney’s, so call for your appointment today: (304) 754-8803.

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