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TMJ Hedgesville, WVHedgesville, WV area patients with dysfunction of their bite or jaw bone may be diagnosed with certain conditions that could benefit from neuromuscular dentistry. Dr. Kenneth Barney and his team of professionals are readily available to help patients who are dealing with certain conditions and help them find relief!

Bite abnormalities and TMJ

Two of the more common conditions that result in a need for neuromuscular dentistry include bite abnormalities and temporomandibular joint disorder. Patients who have spoken to a professional and have been told that they suffer from these conditions will benefit from certain treatment options such as neuromuscular dentistry. Neuromuscular dentistry helps with bite abnormalities that are often treated with dental splints, restorations, or orthodontic devices, as well as TMJ and TMD issues that may be improved with the use of a TENS unit (ultra-low frequency transcutaneous electrical neural stimulation) for muscle spasms and pain, TMJ exercises of the jaw area to stimulate the muscles and/or relax them, and personal care solutions such as stress reduction to address jaw pain. Cosmetic dentistry and surgery can also assist, including surgery to move the jaw forward if needed, or removal of natural teeth to achieve proper bite alignment. All of these treatments listed above are available with Dr. Kenneth Barney.

Which treatment is right for me?

The first step in deciding the best possible treatment is getting into the practice for an evaluation and an initial consultation appointment. Dr. Kenneth Barney will walk patients through their new diagnosis and discuss what they may be a viable candidate for. Oftentimes, patients may need to try a few different options before they find relief, as some solutions are part of a trial and error process. However, once the appropriate treatment is determined, patients will then have a better understanding as to how they can improve their oral health and wellness.

Ready to learn about neuromuscular dentistry solutions?

Contact Dr. Kenneth Barney today, with his office conveniently located at 101 North Mary Street in Hedgesville, WV. The practice can be reached for an appointment at (304) 754-8803 and readily accepts new and existing patients.

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