A Look at a Different Kind of Denture

A Look at a Different Kind of Denture | Ken Barney DDS | Hedgesville, WVPeople have been replacing missing teeth with dentures for over a hundred years. We can understand the attraction that exists toward dentures. This treatment is affordable and convenient. That is, as long as a desirable outcome is achieved. Because dentures sit on the ridge of the gums, it is crucial that these fixtures fit well. Without the optimal fit, everything from chewing to speaking to laughing and smiling may become uncomfortable on some level.

Dr. Barney is an experienced dentist who has seen the downside of bad dentures. Fortunately, his experience and training in neuromuscular dentistry afford him a different perspective, and a different skill set when it comes to helping patients restore function after tooth loss.

Tooth Loss is Only the First Problem

When a tooth is lost, there are more consequences than what is obvious. If the tooth is lost from the front of the mouth, there is a clear cosmetic toll, and usually an urgent need to restore the smile to an attractive appearance. But the lost tooth is only the first domino to fall, so to speak. When there is no tooth, there is also no stimulation passing through the gums to the jaw bone. Without this translation, there is no regeneration of the bone. In fact, there is the opposite. Over time, bone deterioration can lead to unpleasant changes in facial structure. Usually, we hear about the value of dental implants for proper stimulation to the jaw bone, but there is also another way, neuromuscular dentures.

Finding the Ideal Solution

Neuromuscular dentures are very similar to traditional dentures in form. Where they differ, though, is in make. Dr. Barney uses a precise protocol to fit dentures to the individual patient. There is no pre-form mold. Instead, there are steps that measure the exact specifications of the jaw to achieve a denture model that fits the alveolar bone properly. Not only does this mean far less potential for shifting when chewing or speaking, but it also means greater comfort, and it means better stimulation for bone regeneration.

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