What Makes Us Different

Dental continuing education is one of the most critical components to consider in selecting a dentist for care. Every dentist took a similar set of programs in order to become a dentist, however, from graduation the paths that are taken are very different.

Dr. Barney has dedicated 100’s of hours in advanced education at LVI Global where he was elected a Fellow. Dr. Barney believes in addition to the quantity of continuing dental education and dental training to which he devotes his time is the quality of that education.Martinsburg & Hedgesville WV Dentist - Dr. Barney

LVI as an institution of advanced dental education is considered the premier institution for dental continuing education offering state of the art lectures and hands-on format.

To better care for our patients Dr. Barney has made sure that his dental team is included in the LVI education. They too have hours of continuing education that have made them a dental team that is knowledgeable of the latest dental techniques.

Dr. Barney has also received his Fellowship in the International Academy of Comprehensive Aesthetics. This Academy is composed of highly trained dentists world-wide who want to increase their knowledge and skill in the area of restorative dentistry.
This has resulted in a complete dental team that is excited about what dentistry has to offer and how it can positively impact our patients!

Dr. Barney is also a very caring and gentle person who genuinely cares about his patients. His compassion is mentioned daily by those who choose us for their dental care.