Protect Those Pearly Whites from Bruxism

root canal hedgeville, wvIf you wake up in the morning with a headache or pain in your jaw, you might suffer from bruxism, or teeth grinding. Whether this grinding is conscious or subconscious doesn’t matter. Even if you’re not choosing to do it, even if you can’t remember it, bruxism will destroy your teeth. While it’s hard to cure bruxism, you can protect your teeth from its damage.

And not only can you, you should! If you suffer from Bruxism, if you don’t give your teeth proper protection, your teeth will soon become worn down. Not only do flat teeth make you look older, they also can lead to pain, exposed nerves, cracks, temperature sensitivity, receding gum lines, and even tooth loss. So how can you protect your teeth from this nightmare? Give them a shield by using a nightguard.

How Does a Nightguard Help?
A nightguard works simply. If you’ve ever worn a mouthguard for spots, a nightguard is very similar, except you wear it at night. It essentially is molded to your mouth and keeps your teeth from rubbing against each other when your nightly grinding starts. Because professionally-made nightguards will fit your mouth perfectly, they can prevent strain and other physical damage to both the jaw and teeth.

Unfortunately, a nightguard will not stop you from grinding your teeth. You may still have some tension or discomfort in your jaw from bruxism, although hopefully a nightguard will help alleviate that as well. However, a nightguard will give your teeth a shield before they head into battle, saving your enamel and tooth shape.

Odds and Ends
While you might think it is cheaper to go buy an over-the-counter nightguard from your local store, you might want to think again. These often do not fit your mouth properly, therefore not giving you the proper protection and relief. In addition, you need to remember that, if cared for properly, a real nightguard can be used for much longer.

Talk to your dentist about how you can protect your or your child’s teeth with the help of a simple nightguard.

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