Putting an end to “gummy” and “toothy” smiles

Gum RecontouringThe most attractive teeth in the world can’t be properly showcased in a mouth with a bad tooth-to-gum ratio. That happens when the gums are uneven, meaning too low or too high. For many people, the reason they hide their smiles has more to do with not liking the appearance of their gums than being self-conscious about their teeth. But no one has to settle for unattractive gums. We can help.

If you are unhappy about the job your gums are doing when it comes to highlighting your smile, you should learn about a technique offered by Dr. Barney called gum recontouring. Also known as gum reshaping or tissue sculpting, this cosmetic dental procedure can put your gums and teeth in more proper proportion — and give you a dazzling, well-balanced smile you might not have realized was possible. Gum recontouring can be used to reshape both gummy and toothy smiles.

Would you say you have either one of these?

The Gummy Smile
The gums come down too far, covering a good portion of your teeth so smiling shows mostly gums and makes your teeth look small. Your family history, a health issue and even certain prescription drugs can cause this condition, but it usually doesn’t cause any issues for your oral health.

The Toothy Smile
The gum tissue is pulled back and too far up on the teeth, so smiling shows way too much of them. Gum recession can cause your teeth to appear too long, but it can also cause decay and even tooth loss. Receding gums can also be a sign or periodontal disease, so it’s important that a dentist checks them out, even if you’re not interested in having your gums recontoured.

We can change both
With the use of modern laser technology for gum recontouring procedures, we can give you an attractive outcome with little pain and less recovery time. So make an appointment today. Let’s see what we can do to help your gums do a better job showing off your smile. Call (304) 754-8803.

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