The reason for a toothache could be serious – or not

There’s nothing like the pain of a severe toothache to make you vow you’d do just about anything to make it stop. Luckily, most tooth pain is more on the aggravating than debilitating end of the pain scale. But whether your tooth pain is a “two” or an “11,” you shouldn’t ignore it. Call for an appointment today: (304) 754-8803.

There are many reasons for tooth pain

dental emergencyIt could be cavity-related, or not. A toothache can also be the result of many other problems, and only your dentist can make a diagnosis. But here are four common reasons you might be experiencing dental pain:

1.) Brushing too hard

We all like to get our teeth clean, especially if we’re trying to make up for skipping a few brushing. But you could be wearing away your tooth structure and your gums that serve to cover the sensitive roots of your teeth.


You may be experiencing sensitivity to cold or hot foods and drinks if your root is exposed, and you can’t fix the damage without dental treatments.

2.) Gum infection

Nearly half of the U.S. population over 30 has some degree of gum disease, which can lead to infection.


You may be experiencing pain or swelling in your mouth, a pimple above the tooth or a bad taste in your mouth. If you notice any of these signs, get to your dentist’s office ASAP so he or she can clean out around the infected tooth and prescribe antibiotics and oral rinses.

3.) Sinus Infection

Some teeth roots sit right by the sinuses, so the pressure from a sinus infection can feel just like tooth pain.


Your teeth will feel deeply achy, which can often be remedied by decongestants and/or antibiotics.

4.) Grinding and clenching

Chronic teeth grinding can cause pain and even tooth fractures or loss.


You will likely feel pain when you open and close your mouth, such as when you chew, and headaches. Your dentist may prescribe wearing a mouth guard to take some of the pressure off your teeth.

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