Root Canals – The Perfect Dental Treatment

Root CanalYou all know that improper dental hygiene can lead to cavities and tooth loss. But did you know that it can also lead to painful infections? You don’t want to have to deal with the severe pain that can result from these infections. However, if the tooth does get to that point, you might need a root canal. But don’t worry! A root canal is not as bad as many think it is. Here’s what you need to know.

The Basic Root Canal Treatment

The first question that probably comes to your mind is: what exactly is a root canal? Beneath the teeth, there are channels that connect the tips of your teeth roots with the pulp chamber that connects the veins and the blood vessels from the jaw to the center of the tooth. These channels are known as “root canals.” Therefore, a root canal is a dental procedure that deals with fixing these bodily root canals. The dentist will essentially clean out the infection and decay from the tooth.

Your next question is probably: is a root canal a painful procedure? The answer is a simple one. No. In fact, it actually helps stop the pain you are probably feeling if you need a root canal. Instead of removing your tooth to replace it with an implant (which can sometimes be painful), the doctors remove your tooth nerve and clear the pulp from your cavity, and then seal it so that further damage can be avoided. If you don’t receive treatment and the infection is severe, it will spread beyond the tooth root, leading to extra pain and swelling.

The Procedure Itself

First, your dentist will take an x-ray of your tooth to determine its exact condition. Then, local anesthesia is applied, allowing the doctor to drill into your tooth without you feeling any pain. Once the hole is deep enough to reach the nerve and the pulp, the dentist will clean out your nerves, removing all the infected pulp in the root canal. After this is finished, the dentist will apply some medication to ensure that the infection is fully removed and will not come back. The tooth is then sealed.

The process is basic and is usually completed in only one sitting and will drastically improve your way of life. Contact us for your appointment and get pain-free teeth!

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