7 Things Your Dentist Wishes You Wouldn’t Eat

damaged teethNext time you’re getting a cavity filled, your mind might wander to ways you can avoid the treatment in the future, including changing your diet. Here’s what your dentist has to say about that.

For healthier teeth and cavity prevention, beware these seven items

1.) Citrus juice and fruits

The citric acid in oranges, grapefruit, and lemons can cause enamel erosion and tooth decay. But don’t completely give up their vitamins and nutrients. Instead, make sure you rinse your mouth with water after consuming and don’t snack on citrus juice or fruit throughout the day.

2.) Coffee

It can stain your teeth, plus contains acids that weaken tooth enamel. So wash your mouth thoroughly with water after every cup.

3.) Crackers

These can be a favorite snack at the office and in the classroom, and many of us would never see their harm to dental health. Crackers contain carbs that break down into sugar, and many also have added sugar. Plus they easily stick between teeth.

4.) Chewy and sour candies

It’s not only the sugar that’s bad for your teeth. Chewy candy can harm your dental work, and more importantly, it sticks to your teeth and gums, causing longer exposure to plaque-causing sugar. Sour candies also contain acids that cause another level of damage.

5.) Red wine

You might already realize that red wine stains your teeth, but that’s not all. It also contains acids that can wear down the tooth surface.

6.) Vinegar

We don’t see visible effects from consuming small amounts of vinegar periodically, but it has been shown to trigger tooth decay. Prevent this from happening by rinsing your mouth if you consume large amounts.

7.) Ice cubes

They aren’t a food, but chewing them is a common habit that can cause broken and cracked teeth. A compulsion to chew them can also signal other health problems, such as anemia.

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