Seven tips for back-to-school dental health

dental hygiene martinsburg wv and hedgesville The beginning of another new school year is already here for some, and almost here for most, and it can represent a huge change in most family’s daily routines. More leisurely weekday mornings will be replaced with days packed full, from the moment your kids open their eyes in the morning until they close them again at night. That means some important activities can get skipped in the time-challenged school months, and one of those things can be dental care.

You wouldn’t want your kids to skip school, so…
Help them make sure they aren’t skipping crucial tooth and gum care. Even though you and your kids know that tooth care is critical, crazy-busy school schedules can cause oral care to be skipped, even forgotten.

Here are seven tips to help your children keep their mouths healthy this year:

  1. Brush first thing, before you eat
    With so little time in the mornings, many kids (and grown-ups) eat breakfast in the car. So don’t wait until after breakfast to brush. If you brush first thing, you’ll still be preventing the mouth’s pH from dropping to an acidic, cavity-causing level.
  2. Multi-task
    Your children can brush their teeth while your combing their hair or even helping them get dressed.
  3. Pack nutritious lunches
    Try to send fruits and vegetable and avoid processed and sugary foods.
  4. Stop fruit juice
    A serving of juice can contain more sugar than a child should have in a day. It also coats the teeth, which contributes to tooth decay.
  5. Protect teeth from sports injuries
    If your kids are involved in sports, whether it’s football or skateboarding, they’re teeth should be protected with a rubber mouth guard.
  6. Be vigilant about braces
    Brushing around brackets and wires is challenging, and it can be easy for plaque to build up and damage teeth.
  7. Don’t miss dental visits

Your kids should see the dentist twice a year, so make sure that school activities (and orthodontist appointments) aren’t an excuse for skipping those important teeth cleanings and check-ups. Call for an appointment today: 304-754-8803.

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