Does Your Smile Need a Boost in Radiance? Learn About Teeth Whitening!

Teeth Whitening Hedgesville WVSince the early 80’s, Dr. Ken Barney has been helping patients from the Hedgesville area get the healthy, attractive smiles they deserve. From the very first patient, the objective of our practice has been to treat every patient like a friend; to understand their concerns and develop a plan to address them. A concern that tends to pop up repeatedly over a person’s lifetime has to do with the appearance of their smile. Here, we want to talk about discoloration and how teeth whitening can keep your teeth in the radiant zone.

In most situations, teeth become discolored because the tiny pores in enamel become blocked with microscopic debris. Teeth look white because of the way light is refracted off of the surface of enamel. Light doesn’t bounce off enamel very well when there are remnants of food particles beneath the surface. The more debris that accumulates, the more yellow the smile becomes.

Sometimes, the reason for discoloration goes beyond the basics. For example, teeth may take on a gray tinge as a result of taking tetracycline during the time teeth were developing. Another example of discoloration could be that a tooth is injured. The good news about stains and discoloration is that, when we identify the cause, we can bring radiance back into the smile.

What to Know about Professional Teeth Whitening

Your dentist is the best resource for getting a brilliant smile. Before teeth whitening occurs, it is important to evaluate the overall health of enamel and the gums. Dental problems or gingivitis could make teeth whitening uncomfortable. Therefore, the first point of being a good candidate for teeth whitening is having good oral health.

When you have your dentist whiten your teeth, the shade of white can lift up to 9 shades. That’s a lot! And it’s something that gets missed when whitening is done at home with a commercial product. One reason for this is because your dentist will recommend a good cleaning before whitening treatment. Another reason is that we have the powerfully concentrated whitening gel that effectively penetrates enamel to break up stains quickly.

Will Professional Teeth Whitening Work for You?

In most cases, professional teeth whitening, even a home whitening program, can achieve the desired outcome. When discoloration is severe, treatment may need to extend for a longer period of time, or it may need to be repeated. When discoloration is situated within a tooth, a more appropriate approach may be to cover the stain with a porcelain veneer.

Ultimately, teeth whitening is a very personal, very meticulous process that should be overseen by your dentist. To learn more about our treatment options, call (304) 754-8803.

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