Dental Patient Testimonials

Hello Dr. Barney,

I was a patient of yours many years ago when I was living in Hedgesville. I was always impressed with the high level of practice for such a small town. 30 years ago Hedgesville was a very small town. I have lived in many places since that time, each instance finding a new dentist. I wanted you to know that without exception and I mean without exception each new dentist has remarked on your wonderful work. I am referring to the porcelain inlays that you did for me at least 20 years ago. I have had new dental work come and go in that time but every one of your inlays are still intact. Each time I give a silent thank you. This morning, new hygienist, remarked to the dentist that I have a a rather large composite filling obviously older than 5 years that looked ready to replace. The dentist told her not at all, that is an example of an exceptional early inlay done by a cutting edge dentist. Thank you Dr. Barney for taking such good care of me!

Melissa C.
Tucson, AZ

Dr. Barney, I would again like to thank you for working me into your busy schedule. Your professional care resolved the pain making the rest of my visit to Martinsburg much more pleasant. I have had a root canal performed and doing well. Again, thank you and your pleasant staff for your care. I remain.

Dale B.

All dentists should be like Dr. Barney! He is so gentle, kind and patient.

Joan W.
Martinsburg, WV

Being a patient of Dr. Barney’s has shown me how much someone takes pride in his profession and strives to be as state of the art as possible. I was impressed with his hours of advanced education and also his modern equipment, and the fact that this is what he invested in while keeping his practice in an old historical building.

Dave A.
Martinsburg, WV

Last September, I made a life changing decision to have my crooked teeth fixed. I had disliked my smile for almost 60 years and resigned myself to never having the smile that I so envied in others. A cracked molar motivated me to visit Dr. Barney and while in his waiting room, I viewed a video of what his dental practice could do for me in getting the smile of my dreams. After repairing the molar, Dr. Barney thoroughly explained just what he could do to get me to my goal. He, along with his technician Sonni, put a plan together that step-by-step could make the new smile a reality by late November. Because of Dr. Barney’s expertise and skill, the procedure was smooth and the results are spectacular. Although my teeth and smile never kept me from public speaking, I can honestly say I feel more confident and smile more now than I ever have in the past.

Robin P.
Martinsburg, WV

I love my sleep appliance and am so glad I got it! My C-pap was awful. Dr.Barney and his staff are wonderful.

Brenda Ellis
Martinsburg, WV

Dr. Barney was very thorough in diagnosing my case, which involved several broken teeth as a result of grinding during sleep. His work included a number of sessions designed to relax my jaw and eventually designing my new crowns to fit a more relaxed position. When he installed my new crowns, he was as careful and compassionate as I could imagine a doctor could be. My new teeth look wonderful and feel natural and comfortable. Dr. Barney took the extra step of designing a night guard to protect my teeth while I’m sleeping. Altogether, it all looks and feels great. Count me as a satisfied patient.

Ernie C.
Martinsubrg, WV

Dear Dr. Barney,

It has struck me that it has been about 25 years since I first came to be a patient of yours as a teenager. I’ve thought a million times about writing to you, Laine, Shelly, Sonie and Rita to thank you for your extraordinary care and many kindnesses. Anyway, I finally decided to sit down and do it.

It’s such a privilege in this busy, crazy world to know that in your hands I can find top-of-the-line care from perfectionists – yet all with much warmth. It’s a pleasure to come in to the office and see you regardless of what work needs to be done. I so appreciate your compassion and sensitivity to the whole person rather than a tooth! Thank you for these many years of care in the fullest sense of the word, including patience with our travel to you! Please don’t retire until you are 100!

Natasha Copeland
Charlottesville, Virginia

Over the years, my wife and I faithfully met our annual dental obligations. Along the way, we accumulated a lot of amalgam thinking we were preserving healthy teeth.

However, we started having problems with failed fillings, sensitivity to hot and cold, and tooth discoloration. We clearly needed an alternative dental program.

Dr. Ken Barney and his talented staff offered a restoration approach that promised aesthetic appeal, improved function, and renewed comfort. His program used state-of-the-art restorative materials and techniques. In less than a year, Dr. Barney and his team transformed our troubled teeth into broad, healthy smiles with strong bites and no sensitivities.

We could not be more pleased with the results. Hey…even our friends noticed! Unquestionably the best money we’ve spent on ourselves in many years.

Thanks to Dr. Barney and his amazing team!

Cliff and Doris Wurster
State Line, Pennsylvania

Dear Dr. Barney and Staff,

After being frightened of dentists and enduring many years of pain due to a disabling disease, I finally made it to your office. You and your staff were caring and gentle, which put me at ease during the examination.

I had been clinching my teeth due to stress and the pain from my illness. I also was having stiffness in my neck with limited movement and severe headaches. After performing diagnostic tests, you suggested that my bite alignment was incorrect and that I suffered from TMJ.

You recommended a new procedure you had been studying, which included relaxation sessions for my jaws (TENSing) and the creation of an orthotic.

One day after receiving the orthotic, I was able to turn my neck further than I had been able to for 3 years. A week later, the headaches had all but disappeared and my face had changed shape, becoming longer and much more relaxed.

It has been six months since receiving the orthotic, and I cannot imagine my life without it. I am able to turn my head better for driving, and I do not suffer the horrible headaches I had in the past.

Now I am ready to have you permanently correct my bite with cosmetic dentistry, so that I will not need to wear the orthotic any longer.

In closing, this has been an extremely rewarding experience. I would recommend you and your staff to anyone who wants a patient, gentle and honest dentist and staff.

Thank you so much for everything,

Sue Cox
Hedgesville, WV

Dear Dr. Barney and staff,

Words cannot express the deep appreciation and gratitude Jim and I have for you and your staff.

I wanted to say thank you so much for diagnosing and designing a mouth piece to help my mouth pain. I am sleeping much better.

Your generousity is unheard of and your compassion for helping others is remarkable. You are the best of the best!! We pray God’s blessing upon you all.

Jim and Cindi Leatherman
Martinsburg, West Virginia