Toothpaste is making headlines, Here’s what you should know

cavity-fighting toothpaste | hedgesville wvThe U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently banned what it judges to be a harmful ingredient in many toothpaste formulations, and it’s the same one that has also been barred from antibacterial hand soaps. So what’s it doing in toothpaste in the first place?

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FDA bans triclosan
Recently the FDA banned several chemicals found in antibacterial hand soap. Shortly after, the New York Times revealed that Colgate “Total” toothpaste contains this ingredient.

The FDA answered the toothpaste report
It said that triclosan-based toothpastes have been shown “to be effective at reducing plaque and gingivitis.” The American Dental Association and the FDA consider triclosan-based toothpaste safe because the product contains a small enough amount that most people can probably handle it with no adverse effects.

If you’re concerned
You don’t have to put triclosan in your mouth to protect your teeth and gums. Dental experts recommend that those patients who are concerned about any possible hazards of triclosan can instead use toothpastes that contain “stannous fluoride.”

Moving away from killing off all bacteria, on the body and in the mouth
We’ve begun to move away from the extreme use of hand sanitization (and ingredients such as triclosan in any product) because as it turns out, we are actually lowering our immunity and creating resistant superbugs. We unintentionally increased bacterial infections and lessened our natural ability to combat them — or fight them with antibiotics.

Don’t let the news increase any fear you may have about fluoride
Fluoride in water helps children build stronger teeth for a lifetime, and fluoride in toothpaste and topical dental treatments helps prevent tooth decay.

Finding the right toothpaste for you and your family
Ask your dentist and hygienist, as they understand the products and ingredients, and they know you and your needs. And as a rule of thumb: keep it simple with original, basic cavity-fighting toothpaste formulas.

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