Why do I need to floss?

Exactly what does flossing do and why do we have to do it? Does everyone have to floss? My parents never flossed, so why do I have to? These are just a few of the questions people ask when it comes to flossing the teeth.DermaFrac

The main purpose for flossing is to remove tiny particles of food that may have lodged between the teeth. The mouth is a warm, moist environment that germs just love. When you don’t floss these tiny particles begin to decompose, the germs in the mouth latch on to them, and away they go, thousands of germs growing in that wonderful environment.

Flossing dislodges the particles, preventing the formation of a nice environment for those germs. Without an environment that is conducive to their growth, the germs die.

Flossing also has another benefit. Flossing stimulates the gums causing the blood to circulate, providing more oxygen for the teeth and helping to prevent gum disease.

Floss comes in many forms. You can get packs of flossing sticks that also have a “toothpick” on one end. Floss comes in long spools; pull out what you need. Floss comes in flavors, too. Many brands of floss are impregnated with a substance that can actually help in controlling bad breath, kind of like mouthwash on a string!

Using floss regularly will help prevent decay or damage to the teeth and gums and should be a part of your daily dental routine.

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