Why your dentist is happy to see you

Dental Check UpsEven the most talkative dentist doesn’t always get the chance to chat with you about all the important reasons he or she is glad to see you at your appointment. Dr. Barney knows that healthy teeth are part of healthy living, and when you come in for your regular check ups, he knows you know it, too. He knows you’re teeth and gums are getting the care they need, and he can bring your attention to things that might be missing from your home care routine. And nothing makes him happier than sending you on your way with no reason to see you again for another six months!

Here are some reasons that you should be as happy as your dentist when you come in to see us:

You are helping to prevent problems or catch them early, while they’re most manageable

When you come in for your regular cleanings and check ups, you’re helping to maintain your oral health. You could also be helping to prevent many unwanted dental conditions, such as cavities, gum disease, root canals – even oral cancer.

You are helping to prevent gum disease

One of the main causes of adult tooth loss is gum disease. It’s also linked to heart disease and stroke. If diagnosed early, the gum disease gingivitis can be treated and actually reversed. By brushing, flossing and seeing your dentist regularly, you could stop gum disease before it starts.

You are getting a new toothbrush

After about three months of use, your manual toothbrush is wearing out and not as effective as it should be. But sometimes it’s not until we visit the dentist and get a new one that we replace our old one.

You are saying your teeth are as important as the rest of you

Maintaining good dental health is actually pretty easy. Most of us spend more time on lots of things – our hair, our exercise, our TV watching – than we have to spend making sure our smile is healthy and attractive.

It will make us so happy to see you. So make your appointment today by calling:
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